Why is Responsive Web Design so important?

Why is Responsive Web Design so important?

We now build all our websites with a responsive/adaptive layout. This means no matter which device they are displayed on – phone, tablet or desktop computer the website’s page will reformat to suit the device, ensuring it remains user-friendly.

This technique first appeared in 2012, and prior to this one option was to build two sites – one for desktop and one for mobile. Responsive design is now firmly entrenched in the design landscape and we expect websites will increasingly be designed first for mobiles and then for desktop.

So here are 3 reasons why you need a responsive web design?

1. You’ll save money. You can build a website that works perfectly across many different screens. No more paying for multiple versions.

2. Separate mobile websites are no longer sufficient. Users expect consistency across all platforms. Most mobile sites have alternate navigation settings – and less content – than their desktop counterparts. Reason enough to click elsewhere.

3. SEO loves responsive design. Responsive websites come up higher in search engine rankings. You’ll have one SEO strategy to deploy – and one set of analytics to crunch. Google recommends responsive design as a great way to target mobile users.

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