Email Marketing Software

Self-hosted email application

Using your email program or a self-hosted application (eg. a CMS plugin) can be dangerous because you may be labeled a ‘spammer’ or blocked completely (by Google or any other spam-blocking service). Your server usually has daily limits for sending newsletters. Read more here to learn about third-party newsletter services and special solutions on how to send thousands of newsletters at low-cost.


MailChimp is the most popular newsletter service on the internet. It offers great features that can help improve your email marketing campaigns. There are plenty of templates, reports and tools you can use to help improve your email marketing strategy.

MailChimp is free for up to 2000 subscribers and costs monthly $30 up to 3000 or $50 up to 5000 subscribers. Even the free account has many tools including the ability to import contact lists, add a subscriber form to your website and create a newsletter template.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a 5-Star rated email marketing service. Rated 2014 Best Email Marketing Service. Provides exceptional features and a powerful yet simple interface. There is no free account and the monthly plans are a little bit more expensive than MailChimp.

SMTP Services

We strongly encourage our clients to use a third party email service provider in favour of using a self-hosted or desktop application for sending newsletters. This will increase your deliverability rate dramatically and avoid headaches in setting up an in-house mail server.

When MailChimp or other online services become too expensive (eg. when you have too many subscribers) there are alternatives. For example professional email broadcast services such as ElasticeMail, SendGrid or Amazon SES. Most of these applications have templates, forms to enable your visitors to subscribe and configuration options. These newsletter broadcast service providers have no limits for subscribers and no daily send limits.